DISC and Drives

Training content

During the DISC and Drives certification training, you will learn everything about TalentFirst's DISC and Drives analyses. In addition to learning more about the instruments theoretically, you get to work with real practical situations. You discover the invaluable value of approaching people from their true talents and passions!

Who is this training for?

Anyone who wants to apply the DISC and Motivation Analysis in their field of work:
  • Coaches
  • career counselors
  • HR executives
  • L&D advisors
  • Talent managers
  • Advisors
  • Consultants
  • trainers
  • Recruitment and selection employees
  • Team leaders

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What is DISC?

DISC is an objective method to map someone's natural and adapted behavioral profile. The model indicates how you behave, so how you act. But also how you communicate with others. In the DISC analysis, the following behavioral preference styles are measured:

  • How you deal with problems and challenges (D for Dominant);
  • How to convince others of your opinion (I of Influence);
  • How you deal with changes and tempo changes (S for Stability);
  • How to deal with established rules and procedures (C of Conformism).

There is no one who has only one preferred behavioral style: in practice it will always be a mix of several behavioral styles. How these behavioral styles relate to each other can lead to important insights for the coachee or employee. Once one has insight into this behavior, one can adjust it accordingly to show more effective behavior.

What is a DISC analysis?

Before the DISC analysis is made, someone fills in the DISC questionnaire beforehand. In the DISC analysis you get a result of the scores on each DISC style. . In addition, the analyzes show how the DISC scores relate to the basic style (the behavior closest to you) and the response style (how people behave in a different situation or environment, such as at work).

A DISC analysis provides insight into:

  • own behavior and different behavioral preferences
  • How one's behavior appears to others
  • Which behavior is already effective and what someone's strengths are
  • How to adapt to increase effectiveness
  • How to develop further

What are Drives?

Your motivations determine the direction you choose, they get you moving. Drives can change at certain times in your life. If you have insight into your motives, you can more easily make decisions that suit your inner motivation. Drives get you moving like no other and therefore have an effect on behaviour. In the Drives analysis we speak of 7 different drives:

  • Aesthetic motive
  • Business motive
  • Individualistic drive
  • Political motive
  • Social drive
  • Ideal motive
  • Intellectual drive

What is a Driver Analysis?

A drive analysis provides insight into someone's personal drives, so what the underlying motivators are for someone's behavior and in what proportion these drives occur. By understanding your motives, it becomes clear what gets you moving and what doesn't. It shows which motives you drop out and may even encounter resistance. Each drive has qualities, pitfalls and development points that are mapped out in the analysis.

In the analysis, the nature of each motivation is briefly explained and both the high and low scores show great qualities, but also pitfalls that someone can work with in a targeted manner. There is no right or wrong in the analyses. Based on the analysis, the qualities of someone's motives emerge and people can get started with their development points or pitfalls. The result? People experience more clarity to make targeted choices that naturally motivate and give energy and satisfaction.

A driver analysis provides insight into:

  • Your motivations
  • Your main motivators
  • Your qualities, development points and pitfalls
  • What costs your energy
  • What you have an aversion to
  • Your ideal work environment

Do you want to follow the DISC and Drives certification training? This can be done through the STAP budget or through a regular registration.

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