Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy? Check!

Hey you over there! We at Lekker Werken Winkel think it's super important to guarantee your privacy. In our privacy policy you can read all about what information we collect and how we use it.

  1. Agree!

By using our website and the information and services we offer, you automatically agree to our privacy policy and all the conditions we have included therein.

  1. To ask? fire away!

Do you have more questions about our privacy policy or about Lekker Werken Winkel in general? Then you can always contact us by e-mail at .

  1. Secretly watching

Yes, we admit it: we secretly keep an eye on our website. But only to see how you behave and which pages you visit. We do this using cookies and other techniques. This way we can make our website even better for you!

  1. Cookies, anyone?

We place cookies on our website to collect more information about which pages you visit and how often you come back. This way we can see which pages are doing well and which we can perhaps improve a bit. But don't worry, we only use this information to improve our website and will never use it for any other purpose.

  1. No cookies for me!

Would you rather not have cookies? No problem! You can always disable them in your browser settings. More information about this can be found on the website of the provider of your browser.